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With floor stickers you create a high attention value. The printing foil is suitable for flat applications that could use a little extra attention. Order the wear-resistant floor stickers in any desired shape. The floor sticker is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Floor stickers with anti-slip properties

For temporary indoor floor stickers, we recommend our Promotional floor foil. If you want higher quality stickers, choose Roughmark, Orajet® 3651 or films from the 3M ™ line. We provide these floor stickers with a laminate that protects the print against moisture and dirt.

Featured: 3M ™ Envision 48-20

The 3M ™ 48-20 Envision ™ is a white, matte polymeric PVC-free printing foil. The film is 100% recyclable thanks to the use of environmentally friendly inks. The gray adhesive layer provides good coverage on a colored surface.

Extra large floor stickers also possible

Do you want an extra large floor sticker? Simply order the entire surface and deliver it in one file. We will then automatically divide the file and each part will have an extra margin of 1.5 cm all around. This way you can always stick seamlessly for a perfect end result.

Tips when pasting

When applying the sticker, make sure that the temperature is between 10 and 32 ° C. At temperatures that are too warm, a gummy adhesive layer forms and if it is too cold, a crumbly adhesive layer is formed. Stick the foil on dry surfaces and make sure that they are clean and free of grease.

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Latex, UV

Maximale printbreedte uit één stuk

133 cm


Basis folie: Verwijderbaar, Permanente folie: Verwijderbaar, Ultra permanente folie: Semi-permanent, Buiten folie: Permanent


> 10 °C


Droog plakken.


6 maanden (Afhankelijk van de mate van belasting)

Geschiktheid ondergrond

Basis folie: Vlak, Permanente folie: Vlak en licht glooiend, Ultra permanente folie: Vlak, licht gestructureerd, Buiten folie: Asfalt, beton, straatstenen


3M™ en Orajet®


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